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The «International Music and Movement Seminar» is a remote, online academic proposal, where you can interact with prominent professionals from 8 countries on the methodologies for teaching based on music and movement; who will provide innovative and playful tools with applicability from a distance and in person. Select the workshop of your interest or create your own workshop package.

The «International Music and Movement Seminar» is a training that shortens borders, unites cultures and creates capacities that transform. It is aimed at everyone who is in charge of educating, distracting and healing the individual. Participants will be able to have the content and access it for one year, after the live broadcast.


  • March, 6 & 7: Body Music – SILVIA GARCIA DE VES, Spain
  • March 13: Introduction to Rhythmic Dalcroze – ALEJANDRA COIRO – Argentina
  • March 14: Technological strategies / Distance learning through Music and Movement – SANNA VUOLTEENAHO – Finland
  • March 20: Music and Rhythms – BEHOMAR ROJAS – Venezuela / Mexico
  • March 21: Early Music for children from 0 to 3 year old- WENDY LOZADA – Costa Rica
  • March 27: To Rhythm and Movement – FRED MAGALHAES – Brazil
  • March 28: Everyone has their own instrument: Bodypercussion – SANG HO LEE – South Korea

April 4: Solfège Rythmique d’Emile Jaques-Dalcroze – PAUL HILLE – Austria

DURATION: 24 academic hours (Simultaneous translation)

From March 6 to April 4, 2021.

LANGUAGE: Spanish and English with simultaneous translation



INCLUDES: access to online workshops, virtual material, digital certificate of participation, having content and unlimited retransmissions of class sessions for one year.


  • 2 Talleres: $ 30 USD
  • 3 Talleres: $ 45 USD
  • 5 Talleres: $ 65 USD
  • 7 Talleres: $ 80 USD

REGISTRATION: Deposit or transfer, capture an image of the transaction and attach to the registration form.


Complete the registration form with the participant’s data.


PAY PAL payment: fundaescucharte@gmail.com

CERTIFICATION: RIOM, Fundación EscuchArte and Asociación de Pedagogía Musical de España (APEMU). OPTIONAL COST $ 20 for certification from the American Center for Professional Development and Training (ACEPRODAT-USA).


Master of Arts (Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland, 1994 Department of Music Education, Dibloma in Classical Singing 2001 and Pedagogy of Voice in the Department of Singing) Mastert of Arts (Estonian School of Music and Drama, Tallinn, 2017 at the Department of Contemporary Imrovisation) Special course (30 credits) in Community Music, at Turku University of Applied Scienses, 2018. Music professor at the Eira Music Institute in Helsinki 1995 – 2010 Full Professor of Music Education at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Scienses since 2010, teaching fields: singing, improvisation, music and movement, community music and general pedagogy in children’s musical education and instrumental pedagogy.


He completed his MUSICAL training at the Department of Visual and Sound Arts of the U.N.A. where he specialized in DALCROZE RHYTHM. He graduated in PSYCHOLOGY at the U.B.A. She practiced the Conscious System for Movement Technique with Zaida Salace. He trained in tango arrangements with Julián Peralta and Hernán Cabrera and perfected himself on the piano with Susana Agrest. Since 1999 he has been teaching Music and Rhythmic Classes in CABA and Greater Buenos Aires, in Schools of different levels and modalities. Co-founder of the ACETATO ORQUESTA TÍPICA, she served as Pianist, Arranger and Music Director. Train teachers in Argentina, Spain and

Germany. He has played in the former National Library, Program for Music for Identity, Disparate Space, House of Culture of Vicente López, Forum of Sciences and Arts, etc.

He worked in Theaters, Milongas and Cultural Centers such as the Orlando Goñi Theater, Hasta Trilce, Morón Municipal Theater, among other spaces.

He toured Spain, transmitting the RITMICA. In Germany, he played with Alexander Riedmüller and offered RÍTMICA and TANGO Workshops with Paula Ferrío. Currently, she accompanies singers and participates in different tango and folklore formations as well as dedicating herself to teaching. He also writes a «Rhythmic Manual» to share his experience.


Has a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences from the INEFC of Lleida (1999 – 2003) with a Master’s Degree in Music Therapy from the ISEP (Higher Institute for Psychological Studies) and the University of Vic (2016) and a Master in high sports performance carried out by the COE (Olympic Sports Committee), in collaboration with the UAM (Autonomous University of Madrid) (2015). She was part of the international MAYUMANA company as an artist (2005 – 2014) and artistic coordinator since 2008, performing all over the world with «Mayuaman Show», «Be», «Momentum» and «Racconto». Trainer of trainers since 2002 being part of the teaching team in training courses recognized by the Department of Education in Catalonia. Creator of the Inpsiragenios platform (2014) where through conferences and / or training with other experts (areas of personal growth, education and the performing arts) an accompaniment and teaching-learning process is shared with a glance holistic where the participant, whatever their characteristics, is and feels the protagonist. He is currently Research Teaching Personnel (PDI) at the INEFC of Lleida with the DECUBIAF research group (Didactics of Physical Activity for Education, Culture and Well-being) led by Dr. Eloísa Lorente together with Dr. Alfredo Joven, the Dra. Mª José Montilla, other doctoral students and collaborators (PE teachers).

BEHOMAR ROJAS – Venezuela / Mexico

Singer, musician, composer, pedagogue, choral director, Music Therapist. trained in Methodology Kodaly (Eztergon-Hungary), Orff (Spain and Venezuela) with the teacher Naida Cordido and Verena Maschat (Orff-Institut of the Mozarteum University of Salzburg Austria), Dalcroze (Spain and Venezuela) With the teachers Fanny Lukert and Silvia del Bianco. School of Expression and Psychomotricity in Barcelona Spain. Biodanza. He has been the director of different Venezuelan and Latin American traditional and folk music groups. He works as director of the University Choir “Napoleón Sánchez Duque of the Universidad Pedagógico Experimental Libertador (Nucleo Barquisimeto) and of Mesticanto Ensemble Vocal. Professor of the UCLA and UPEL Chair of Music Teaching Methodology. He is currently based in Mexico developing various musical and academic activities.


Percussionist, Director of the Brazilian group Patubatë. He develops a social program with boys and girls in the city of Brasilia, Brazil. With his group, Patubatë ,, he develops with the communities a program of making musical instruments with recycling materials.



SANG HO LEE – South Korea

Creator of Body Music Korea since 2007. Rock dancer (Rakmi), Shin Jungmin dancer, hip-hop, is among the top five artists in his field. He has taken to Hong Kong, Macau, London, Tokyo, etc. the Body Music Korea, conducts overseas performances and guest workshop programs, and has appeared on numerous broadcasts such as Immortal Song, I Am a Singer, Infinite Challenge, and Running Man. In order to promote and share body percussion, various companies, organizations and educational institutions continue educational activities and explore the original rhythm. He has been to Africa and Brazil. Additionally, he completed body percussion training at ‘STOMP’ in the UK and ‘BARBATUQUES’ in Brazil.


Creator of the program Musically Criando, for young children. Bachelor of Arts, Music mention. Singer, violinist, Musicologist, Magister in Latin American Musicology, Diplomas in Music Therapy and Musical Stimulation for children. It carries out a program of attention and musical stimulation with parents and teachers for children from 0 to 3 years of age.

PAUL HILLE – Austria

Specialist in Piano, rhythm, school music, education in Detmold, RFA. «Diplôme supérieur de la Méthode Jaques-Dalcroze» with a grant from DAAD in Geneva, CH. Further training in Art de L’Écoute, Méthode François Louche; Canto and Ling Qi with Johannes Romuald, Vienna. Since 1988 teaching position, later associate professor of rhythm / piano improvisation at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts (mdw). 1996 to 2011 professor of listening training, music theory and music theory at the performing arts studios in Vienna. 1998-1999 position of professor of rhythm at the Vienna Conservatory (now MUK) / pedagogy of dance. He has participated in international courses around the world. Music director, composer, arranger and pianist. Founder of the annual Carpe Impro event at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts (mdw). In 2012 it organizes the Erasmus Hörraum symposium, with participants from 10 countries, which was nominated in 2013 for the ‘Lifelong Learning Award’ of the OEAD in Austria. Since 2012 regular participation in the meetings of the FHG, the professional auditory training group at the Society for Music Theory (GMTH), most recently in May 2016 with the conference and workshop: Dalcroze – Hellerau – today at the UdK Berlin. Since 2015 President of FIER (Fédération Internationale des Enseignants de la Rythmique) based in Geneva, professional representation of rhythm artists around the world.

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